Back at the end of January, I wrote about a question that a few people have made observations on. Namely, why isn’t the self-styled Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke, isn’t making a big song and dance about the allegations surrounding Derrick May.

I wasn’t very nice to him – you can read it for yourself here. And I regret to say that I’m about to be even less nice. It’s a shame, because I honestly used to think that Clarke was a man of integrity. That’s an increasingly questionable assertion.

Anyway, the criticism has obviously got to him. He’s made an appearance on Selector News, where he’s interviewed Annabel Ross. She’s the journalist who has published two detailed articles on Resident Advisor detailing women’s alleged attacks at the hands of Derrick May.

Yet here’s where things get very shady. Before Ross has even got one syllable of a word out, Clarke has prefaced his interview with these words…

“Ross also published allegations of sexual harassment and assault involving Detroit DJ Derrick May in two separate RA articles. With many factors in the story still hazy, I thought…”

Pardon my French, but what the fuck does Dave Clarke think he’s playing at here? This is the woman who wrote two exposes of the man himself. Yet in the article, he briefly refers to the allegations but does so solely from some kind of journalistic perspective.

Feel free to read the article in its entirety here. Let’s just say that if this is the best “journalism” that Clarke can muster, he should probably stick to the job he’s actually good at.