Is there trouble for the Belleville Three?

Much has been written of late about Derrick May, not least on this website. Not just about what he’s been getting up to, but also about the silence from large swathes of the house and techno worlds about him. I can’t help but wonder why. Their silence condemns them.

I thought I’d have a closer look at the Belleville Three today. Incidentally, before we start, did you know that the back story behind the Belleville Three is bollocks? It was a load of rubbish made up by a journalist who thought if he could pitch the song as being the first techno record, it would sell by the bucketload.

Anyway, Kevin Saunderson appears to be standing by his friend Derrick May. The two are mutual friends on Facebook, a platform which Saunderson is a frequent user.

Yet when you search under the mutual friend that Juan Atkins, the third member of the Belleville Three, this comes up…

It seems even the Belleville Three is split on Derrick…

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