Doctors pay people involved in experiments. Why not musicians?

One lesson I’ve learnt from the roughly 5 years that I’ve now been doing this Amateur At Play thing is never agree to do a remix on the grounds that someone is “experimenting” with the idea. They won’t release them.

I can say that with absolute confidence. A few years ago, there was a contestant on a reality TV show who subsequently got on with releasing an album. Her record label mentioned that they wanted to “experiment” with remixes. Apparently, it wasn’t something they had done before, but the artist was very keen to get some done.

Call me naive, by all means. Frankly, I was. I contacted them to express an interest and was contacted by a representative from the label. They sent me a free copy of the album, which was terribly nice of them. I chose two tunes I was interested in reworking. They sent the parts for both and I got to work.

Respecting the copyright of the records means I cannot share them with you, but I can vouch that I did a seriously good job on both. It’s frustrating that I can’t name the singer here, because her vocals are absolutely incredible – easily some of the best I’ve ever worked with. This made the job easier. I sent off my premasters to the label.

I never heard anything back. Follow-up emails asking for updates went totally unanswered. As far as I can tell, not one remix of anything from the album has been released. Talk about a waste of time for everyone involved.

Lesson of the day? Make sure you’re getting paid. That way, even if your remix never sees the light of day, st least you have something to show for your time!