I keep a close eye on whose playing my music out there. Partly because of my own personal curiosity and partly because I like to know what’s resonating with people. It’s not always easy to work it out even in this digital age.

So it’s with that in mind I thank Scott Walker’s Weekend Afterparty for playing not one, but two* of my releases on his latest show, which also highlights a large number of 3rd Way Recordings releases. It’s at times like this I’m proud to be associated with the label – my god, they put out some seriously good music!

You can listen to the whole show here. You should, frankly. You won’t regret it.

* The two songs played are “Black Dogs In Car Parks” – one of the Jordan Trove mixes – and the dub of “What You Want” with Morris Revy. Both can be heard from 49 minutes onwards.