The audience for the Grammy Awards last weekend was down markedly on regular years. The ratings were terrible, and amidst the bad central figure, even worse ones lie around. Only 2% of the audience were aged between 18 and 49 years old.

I’m actually in this age group, being a relatively sprightly 36 years old. So I thought I’d offer my thoughts. And here they are.

The prospect of actually watching the Grammy Awards simply doesn’t register on my radar. The names whom I see being nominated, in at least 90% of cases, are not names that I recognise. This immediately reduces how much interest I have in the awards themselves.

There is one category that I should have been able to get behind a nominee this year, of course. Louie Vega was nominated for a remix he did for Jasper Street Company. He didn’t win. The last time he won was in 2005, according to the Grammy website

Call me cynical, but something was just telling me that he wasn’t going to win it. And if I felt like that about something I was close to, how on earth was I going to get interested in anything else?

Is the Grammy Awards something that people become comfortable with when they get older, or are they trying to pull in their future audiences earlier in life? I think someone needs to make their mind up on that one…