There are many people who have wanted to say nice things about me in the past. There are also those who, well, haven’t. Quite the opposite sometimes, actually.

For example, I accepted a remix project back in 2018 for a track called “Life Is Worth Living”, if I recall correctly. The producer was sent my remix and told me “you’re clearly classically trained”, complementing me on my chords.

As flattering as that was to hear, I had to correct this. Rest assured that I’m not classically trained in any manner. Everything that I’ve learnt about music production comes either from tutorials on YouTube and a keen ear for what I think sounds right over many years of listening to music.

Conversely, I’ve also received charming emails in the past which are less complimentary about my abilities. Back in the same year, I received an email which told me…

“It’s about time someone said this to you. You’re a shit producer. Your shit isn’t in key, it just doesn’t work. Whatever your calling in life, it sure as fuck isn’t music. Best thing you can do is burn down your studio with all your music inside it and forget this ever happened. You’ll be more happy, and fuck knows the rest of us will be too.”

Some people aren’t happy unless they’re being cruel, are they?

That last one used to bother me. Now, I don’t care. Because I’ve realised I have no idea who this person is, and I think it’s terribly sad they actually felt the need to send me an unsolicited email of “advice” like that.

Life is like that, though…