Someone else for you to sue, Patricia! Derrick May the latest to be caught publishing her email address

I’ve come across a big stack of new information about everyone’s favourite person from Detroit – well, that’s if everyone else died overnight anyway. I’m sifting through that and you’ll no doubt be reading more soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a public service for none other than Patricia Altisent. You see, she doesn’t like it when people publish her email address. Michael James did so recently and got a cease and desist from her overpaid Swiss solicitors in response.

So, since her solicitors are now suing people who publish her email address, look who’s going to be next to receive a letter? Why, none other than Derrick May himself!

Roll on the court case! With any luck, we might finally find out if Altisent still manages May. His Instagram profile suggests she is – or, at least he thinks she does. She still hasn’t replied to my emails asking for clarity on this question…

Update – An earlier version of this article contained a photo that was captioned as being Patricia Altisent, with Derrick May and an anonymous woman. The women were, infact, an R&S Records employee and Sofia Spin. I apologise for the error.