Fatboy Slim recently announced a tour of the UK. Hedging his bets carefully that regulations – at least in England – might not change on June 21st as currently planned, the gigs are scheduled for November.

It’s certainly something to look forward to as the nation enters the darker, colder months of the year. And yet, in words that will be all too familiar yet all too depressing to anyone living in Norn Iron, this tour excludes Northern Ireland.

Dates are currently scheduled for Cardiff, London, Bournemouth, Brighton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham. Yet not one mention of Belfast.

This is an odd omission, given how highly Norman Cook has previously spoken about the city. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph about his experience in Portrush and an upcoming gig at Giant’s Park in North Belfast, he said…

“The show in Belfast is going to be great. Irish fans are just fantastic. They are always over exuberant, which is just how I like it. There’s nothing I can tell Irish crowds about how to behave — just keep on doing exactly what you do.”

Name the day, Norman.