There is an episode of the classic BBC comedy Blackadder in which the main protagonist has been tasked with creating a entertainment show in order to boost the morale of the men, working in the trenches of the First World War.

In it, sidekick Baldrick (pictured above with R&S label boss Renaat Vandepapeliere standing in the background) comes up with the idea of dressing up as a woman so he could marry their general. Blackadder is incensed at the idea of Baldrick casting aside his hatred of the aristocracy, to which Baldrick replies that “I’m working to bring down the system from within, sir.”

I’m pleased to be able to report that Baldrick survived World War 1 and now works at the press department for R&S Records. What else could possibly explain this utterly tone deaf statement?

Someone claimed to experience racism at R&S Records. Instead of engaging with them and investigating the allegations, they decide to call in the Metropolitan Police and then tell the world they’ve done this.

The stupid truly burns on this one.