Judge Jules won’t budge, but his vinyl will! Surprise at revelation that long time DJ no longer owns vinyl or turntables

I came across something of a surprise revelation over on Facebook earlier this week. Judge Jules might have got some stick from me last year for starting to do personalised videos for the random sum of £123.67, but I do remain something of a fan.

He’s one of the main reasons I got into house music in the 90s, and was often the reason I kept going back at times when I started wavering. So it was something of a surprise for me to see this on his Facebook page yesterday.

He did a post about how he planned to keep his live streams interesting – and they are pretty good, to be fair – by putting on themes each week. In response to someone who asked whether Jules would do a vinyl set, he responded with…

This initially came as a surprise, but upon looking into it, I came across this interview from 2017. Jules said..

“I’ve got a certain amount of my original vinyl, but I’m format agnostic and not really an anorak-ish vinyl collector. So, if I have a great track as a digital file then I’m not really bothered whether I still own the vinyl or not.”

The judge won’t budge, but he happily allowed his vinyl collection to do so…