This Friday night, an important event is taking place in Liverpool. It’s happening at Circus, who are hosting the First Dance Event. No social distancing will be required, but a negative Covid result no earlier than 24 hours beforehand will.

Sky News has the full story, and so do many others. The man in charge of Circus, DJ and producer Yousef Zaher – best known to clubbers simply as Yousef – is very proud to be hosting the event.

We know this, because he has been relentlessly telling us on his social media channels in the past few weeks. He’s right to be proud of it, too – nightclubs need to see if it’s safe to resume some kind of operation, or there might be no clubs left at all.

Yousef himself admits that he hasn’t played any events now for over a year. It’s a shame that the same cannot be said of Sven Väth. Just a few short weeks ago, he was out in India and played a number of gigs.

At the time of writing, India had over 198,000 deaths from Covid-19, with 323,000 new cases confirmed yesterday. Why did Väth make the decision to play somewhere where coronavirus cases were rising so steeply at the time?

And why did Yousef decide to book him for this event? At an event where you want to establish that nightclubs can be Covid safe, it seems utterly incredulous to invite a person who partied at a potential super spreader event.

I’m filing this one under “the stupid, it burns”, I think.