Since I started digging into Derrick May, I’ve learnt a lot of things about the man that I’d rather I didn’t. But there’s one area in which my knowledge is still quite lacking – and even my sources in the USA who have helped me corroborate some of the information can’t quite describe it either.

What is the relationship between Derrick May and Carl Craig? From what I understand, May helped Carl Craig to get a number of his first remixes and effectively acted as his mentor in the early days. Sources tell me that their relationship is a bit father and son at times.

I’ll have more to publish on this soon. In the meantime, Carl Craig has just announced it’s his birthday on 22nd May. He’ll be 50 years old. And sure enough, Derrick May shared the news on his own page too.

As I understand it, it’s being held at the TV Lounge. Would this be the same TV Lounge who, back in January of this year, cancelled May’s appearance on a live stream event due to further allegations made against him in an Annabel Ross article?

Yes, it most certainly would. Let’s see how they respond when Craig inevitably invites his friend along.

Oh, and one other thing. According to Michael James, May is currently trying to dodge being served court papers for a lawsuit being brought by the mother of his child. They were originally filed on January 21st, but Derrick somehow still hasn’t received them.

Anyone in Detroit who fancies serving the papers directly to Derrick May might wish to head to 2548 Grand River Avenue a little before 2pm local time on May 22nd. Have a big lunch beforehand, as you could be in for a long wait. But he’ll show up.

Mr May won’t be able to resist the temptation…

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