A friend of mine mentioned yesterday that I haven’t written about DJ Sneak recently. Well, I’ll be giving an update on when Traxsource Freedom Day is for Sneak sometime next week.

In the meantime, I thought I’d have a look around to see what he’s been doing lately. Posting all over Instagram, ignoring Facebook and deleting his Twitter account appear to be the main things.

He’s also heavily promoting his own website. When you visit, you’re presented with just two options – shop and livestream. His shop is filled with hats and other items of clothing. But it’s the livestream I’m interested in.

When I visited last night, there was no livestream going on. Shame – as much as this blog knocks DJ Sneak, he is actually a great DJ. But I was, however, presented with this screen.

I wasn’t aware that DJ Sneak was into the Carry On films. What else could explain the very smutty reference to the “big boss and his 12 inches being ready for a party”? And as for the “Select Package” bubble – that’s just cringe, to use the modern expression.

He charges a $5 admission fee to get into his stream. The Livestream website that he uses takes 10% off that, but what I cannot establish is whether they have licensing agreements in place for the use of copyrighted content such as music.

Then again, unless Sneak can categorically prove that everything he’s ever sampled in his career has been cleared, I’m going to assume that this vagueness is unlikely to bother him.

As for the “Like What You See” speech bubble? Pass the mind bleach…

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