These days, he seems to spend a lot of his time ranting and raving about how the government is going to arrest anyone who tries their hug their granny. Or something equally ridiculous.

Yes, I am indeed talking about Danny Rampling, who used to be an okay-ish DJ but who’s now an irrelevance who talks rubbish about “freedom” being lost, without ever defining what had been lost in the first place.

He wasn’t always like this, though. Take a look at his personal Facebook page. On March 23rd last year – the day that PM Boris Johnson spoke to the nation and confirmed the UK was going into lockdown – he shared a post by radio station LBC.

His message was rather different…

He also posted, in subsequent weeks, other things about taking the virus seriously and a tribute to his friend who actually died from Covid-19 in April.

I wonder what his friend would make of his stance now?

By The Editor

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