This weekend in Liverpool, an important event is taking place. It’s taking place courtesy of Circus and it’s all about trying to find out whether it’s safe for mass gatherings to restart again.

Tonight is the second of two events – indeed, this evening’s fun is due to kick off at 7.30pm. The event was all over the news last night – I even saw coverage of it on the News At Ten. Here’s Metro’s report on it.

That footage of Yousef playing “Free” by Ultra Naté and the crowd singing along to every word is going to be something remembered for many years to come. I won’t deny it – it was quite a special moment to witness.

I’m well aware that I was scathing about Sven Väth being present at the event, but I wish everyone well on this second night – and let’s hope that, come late next week, it’s good news on the tests taken afterwords!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do what a grumpy old fart like me does on a Saturday evening – namely putting my three kids to bed before settling down with a cool cider…