Do they have halos as well as wings? Red Bull defends the plague rave DJs – but isn’t it strange they all want to stay anonymous?

I’ve been wondering who was going to try and take the “oh so measured” approach to plague raves. Let’s face it, it certainly wasn’t going to me! I thought it would have been Mixmag, DJ Mag, Resident Advisor or one of their lot, but they’ve decided on different approaches.

The first two have done what they always do when it comes to difficult issues in the scene. They ignore them until they feel they have no choice but to address it in the most minimal fashion possible. And they wouldn’t want to upset their friends in the industry either.

As for Resident Advisor, they tried to make money out of it until realising this wasn’t a good look for a company that received a £750,000 bailout from the British taxpayer. Then they publish a lengthy article about Tulum and hope you’re so bored by the end that you don’t read their laughable disclaimer.

Red Bull in Belgium have decided to take this dubious mantle, of all people. They interviewed a few DJs who accepted plague gigs and a few who didn’t. A few things stuck out about the DJs who did accept.

Number one is the fact that they all spoke on condition of anonymity. Whilst I certainly won’t criticise Red Bull for respecting their wishes, I find it odd such a request was made in the first place. If, as they say, these events are safer than is being made out, they should put their names to their words.

Number two is their claims that these events require a Covid negative result before entry is permitted. Why have they not thought to mention this in the many months since this all started? I must say that I find the timing of this revelation very strange.

And number three, less to do with the DJs and more the venues, but why the no cameras policy? They rarely have policies like this at legal events. If they’re not doing they’re ashamed of, why would they want to reduce the odds of it being filmed? Are they more scared of Business Teshno than they make out?

So, time to throw the gauntlet down. I know that there are a few plague rave DJs who read this blog. Here’s a challenge for you. Write an article, explaining why you do what you do. Tell us what safety procedures are really in place at these events. Tell us whether you’re doing it for money, because you don’t care about people’s health or whatever.

Write your piece, email it to me – my details are on the Contact Me page – and I will publish the piece in its entirety. I will not change a single word that you send, and I will publish it with no comment from me.

You can even have your anonymity if you really wish. As much as it pains me to see you hiding, I have to respect such wishes.

So, who’s up for the challenge? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!