You’d imagine that a society with a name sounding as prestigious as the Detroit Historical Society would know a little bit about, well, the history of Detroit. It turns out that they don’t know one of their own sons very well at all.

They’ve got an event coming up on May 30th that celebrates the electronic music festival in Detroit – Derrick May himself ran the festival himself for three acidulous years. During that time, he made a bigger loss each year than the last – but that’s the subject of a seperate post coming soon…

May – a serial abuser of women and a fraud who cannot play yet proclaims to be an innovator – has been invited. Carl Craig is there, and so is Kevin Saunderson. Craig’s presence is not surprising, seeing his wife is now May’s manager, but Saunderson? The fact he’ll share a stage with this man truly demeans him.

The Detroit Historical Society has been approached for comment.

H/T: Juanita Atkins.

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