Last Friday, I exclusively revealed on this blog what the setup was at one of Derrick May’s orchestral scams, sorry I mean shows. I revealed that May was plugged into a small mixing desk on channels 48 and 49.

What I wasn’t able to reveal at the time was exactly what Derrick May did at these shows. Journalist Michael James has previously showed footage that establishes beyond doubt that May isn’t actually playing along to the song – and this explains why May barely appears in this 9 minute video of a “Strings Of Life” performance.

So, what is May actually playing? I’ve been sent an email by someone who actually worked on one of these shows and had access to the feed which revealed what everyone was playing. Let’s see what he said:

“I’d worked on a few different shows and could never work out what Derrick was playing. It didn’t seem to be in time with any of the music and I would sometimes notice him still playing for as long as six seconds after the music had stopped playing. When I checked the feed, all I heard coming back was gibberish.”

And how many people knew that May couldn’t play?

“Very few. The orchestra themselves were never made aware of it. Only a small number of people knew. I couldn’t tell you for certain exactly who knew, but my boss was very keen for me to stay quiet when I worked it out. Reading your blog, I now understand why.”

Yet it looks like this scam is going to continue – the orchestra has an online show going ahead next Saturday…