Sasha – the superstar DJ before the superstar DJs concept was invented in some over-imaginative journalist’s head – has given an interview to Beatport explaining what he’s been doing over the past 12 months. The answer?

Making music, baking bread, putting on weight and losing weight again. Hmm. I know that life has been a bit different with a pandemic on, but this is annoyingly anodyne. Quite a contrast with the Sasha that used to go all over Britain touring in the early 90s.

Universe on the outskirts of Newport comes to mind. It was June 19th of 1992 and south Wales basked in temperatures of around 19°C. Sasha was playing alongside Judge Jules that day and put in a set that still gets shared widely online to this day.

Here’s a photo of the man like Sasha from that time

What isn’t shared so much is the story behind this set. Despite turning in a memorable set, Sasha was intoxicated on something that day – only the man himself could probably tell us. Oh, and he managed to vomit on one of the turntables whilst a record was playing, thus bringing the music to a crashing stop.

Just as well that Beatport wasn’t around in 1992…