Derrick May keeps whinging to his friends that he has no money – but what about the $350k house and the Bitcoin he bought?

Cast your mind back to March 9th this year. This was the date which Derrick May decided to abandon his defamation suit against Michael James after telling a judge he couldn’t come up with $10,000 to allow the case to continue.

May abandoned the fight that he started. Word is that he still hasn’t paid his lawyer Kyle J Dupuy and is ignoring increasingly less polite written letters to cough up the money. Yet funnily enough, May’s budget for cigars at the present time knows no ends.

He also has time to appear on Instagram videos, something which manages to make him look even more ridiculous than usual when it’s turned into a GIF and sped up.

Anyway, May complained to the judge that he didn’t have any money. So I thought that I’d provide a public service – you’d normally have to pay for the sage advice I’m about to give you, Derrick! – and show that he does have money.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

May’s house, based in Farmington Hills, is a lovely looking house from the photos one of his friends sent me. Publicly available records reveal it’s got 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and the property is over half an acre in size.

May purchased the house in 2004, reportedly paying $360,000 with a banker’s cheque for the property. Because he’d paid in this way, the IRS started investigating him. They discovered he hadn’t been paying his taxes for years and put him on a payment plan.

That payment plan, according to sources, was eventually completed. Exactly how much he had to pay us unclear, but it’s understood to be comfortably within four figures.

In the meantime, May is believed to have invested in Bitcoin some years ago. How much is unknown, but public records reveal 1 Bitcoin was the equivalent of $327 back in November 2015. That one bitcoin is now worth just over $57,000.

Even a modest investment of 25 Bitcoin a few years ago would now yield some $1.42million.

Might be wise to take that money out and sell your house, Mr May. That $6million suit in Toronto isn’t going to go away on the cheap…

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