It’s one of those kinds of songs, this one. It transcends many boundaries and even if you don’t know who it’s by, you’ll know straight away if you’ve heard it. Yes, I’m talking about “You Used To Hold Me”, one of the pioneering house releases by Ralphi Rosario and Xaviera Gold.

Not surprisingly, this song has been remixed many times – most notably back in 1994 when Danny Tenaglia, Masters At Work, Maurice Joshua, Georgie Porgie and others were commissioned to do newer interpretations. It’s also been covered many times, not least by UK garage duo Scott & Leon in 2000.

So given the current zeitgeist for rinsing old tunes for what they’re worth, it’s not terribly shocking to see new remixes of this song emerge. Cha Cha Boom, Ralphi Rosario’s own label, has released new versions by Rosario himself, DJ Spen and Reelsoul, Steve Mac and Hifi Sean. But they’re sung by a singer called Samantha Blanchard.

Whilst no one is doubting Blanchard’s talent – she did a very good job indeed, I think – I did find it odd that Xaviera Gold wasn’t on this release. So I emailed her to ask why. She came back simply with “I will have my attorney look into it”.

I think I could be coming back to this one…