Derrick May is complaining to his friends that someone is leaking information about him – and guess what? Even THAT conversation got leaked to this very blog!

Back in 2004, a film was released called Der Untergang. This German movie was about the final days of Adolf Hitler’s maniacal Nazi regime. It’s particularly well known for a scene where Hitler is in his bunker, and he gets very angry when he learns his order for an SS commander to initiate an attack never happened.

Derrick May is now essentially Adolf Hitler in that scene. He has a small number of generals in the Fuhrerbunker with him – Carl Craig, Juan Atkins and a couple of others – and right now, they’re at the stage in the scene where May has just said something ridiculous and the room is in silence. Who has the guts to tell May that it’s game over?

Two sources have told me that Derrick May is getting increasingly angry with what’s being written about him online. Odd that the fact that the likes of me, Michael James, Annabel Ross and the rest couldn’t write about it if it hadn’t happened hasn’t crossed his mind.

News reaches me of an angry tirade that May is said to have made at a recent gathering with a number of his friends. And I now have official confirmation for the first time that May is one of my readers – and he briefly shared his thoughts on yours truly to the group…

“That British asshole who keeps writing about me – how the f**k is he getting all this information? Look at all this s**t he’s putting on his site. Who’s giving it all to him? Can’t rely on any motherf***er these days.”

It’s always nice to know when I’m getting under someone’s skin…