Well, I wasn’t planning on doing another post about Derrick May today. But there have been a few developments, so I thought it best to write about them now.

A few weeks ago, I exclusively revealed testimony from someone who worked at one of Derrick May’s orchestral scams shows. He disclosed that May does not do anything at the live shows – listening to the feed on his channel reveals the occasional bit of off-key gibberish being “played” and nothing else.

Dzijan Emin was sent an email ahead of this story’s publication to ask for comment. None ever came. I can live with that – silence is a response in itself, and often a very telling one. But a friend of Michael James was able to extract a response from him.

This Facebook post is accompanied with an exchange with Emin himself. In it, he claims that May was doing “sound design on top of all the scores and electronics” – and the more I think about this line, the less sense it makes.

Given that the songs were mostly played with live instruments, how exactly would you modulate the sound using a keyboard? And this answer also leaves another question wide open – did May reveal that he couldn’t play from the start or did they only find out later?

If it’s the latter, Emin has gone along with a scam in order to make money. If it’s the former, Emin knew it was a scam but went along with it to make money. Either way, things are not looking good for the conductor.

You might as well email me now and tell me your story, Dzijan. I’ll find out sooner or later – get the pain out of the way in one go!

Speaking of which, I’ve got a fun little challenge coming up for all of Derrick May’s friends, accomplices and associates. More details early next week…