You’ll find him on Twitter saying he wants lockdown over and plugging his own events – but which recent event is Sacha Lord surprisingly reluctant to talk about?

Back on the evening of May 15th, Sacha Lord and his girlfriend were out for the evening in Manchester city centre. According to him, he says he was “punched and attacked regarding my views on re-opening”.

I must emphasise here that I do not believe there is any valid excuse for assaulting a person. What happened was wrong, no question about it. Yet there are some details about this terrible event that continue to trouble me.

For example, as I mentioned above, Lord-Marchionne – to use his full name – claimed he’d been attacked because of his views on reopening the economy as the pandemic eases. Yet on Instagram, he claimed the following day that “two 50+ year old men started punching me for no reason”.

Can the disparity be explained by the shock of what just happened? Quite possibly. Yet Lord has been entirely unwilling to talk about the incident any further. He has revealed no further details about what happened, and he wouldn’t even speak to his favourite newspaper, the Manchester Evening News, about it.

Indeed, his only further comment was a watch that he claims to have pocketed afterwards. By his account, it fell off the arm of an attacker and he claimed online that he was going to sell it. The fact that he had no legal right to sell someone else’s property appeared not to phase him.

Presumably with this in mind, when Mail Online started looking into the story, his team pointed out this was a joke – it was actually in the hands of the police. Should a clarification not have been issued here?

Greater Manchester Police won’t even confirm if they’re investigating the incident – so what on earth is going on here? I think I’ll be coming back to this one…