Word reaches me from Detroit that Derrick May’s friends have been making fun of him following his 58th birthday, and that May isn’t enjoying it. Jokes about him soon being entitled for a seniors discount are said to be starting to wear thin on the surprisingly thin-skinned DJ.

One other thing that they’ve also been remarking upon is the lack of new content on his Mixcloud Select platform. A recent social media post from the man himself claimed that he would feature mixes from throughout the past 35 years.

Yet the most recent mix is from his appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival is from 2016. Hardly a representation of his work throughout the decades.

Perhaps May is adopting the same attitude to Mixcloud – for which he charges a minimum of £3.99 per month. He receives some 60% of that, and currently has 403 followers. That’s around £965 – that’s $1360 in American money – that May gets.

Or to explain in a way that Mr May might appreciate, you’ll be able to buy this box of 25 cigars and still have change to, well, buy more cigars.

Anyway, May infamously “made” several tracks as Rhythim Is Rhythim, “did” some remixes and largely “stopped” all music production by the end of 1992. And judging by the look of his channel, he appears determined to follow a similar philosophy there too.

Sadly for Derrick, he’s not quite old enough for one benefit of being of a senior age. You need to be 65 or over to get reduced fares on buses in Detroit…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.