Does Athens beckon for Mayday? Meet Sofia “Spin” Tsagaraki, Derrick May’s latest love interest and possible passport to EU citizenship – just don’t tell his girlfriend in Detroit…

Last week, I wrote about Derrick May and how his plan to move to Europe could be scuppered by potential complaints about his behaviour submitted to the authorities in a continent where he spent a lot of time during his career. From what sources tell me, the plan is being seriously considered.

Well, I thought it was time to tell you about Derrick’s latest girlfriend. There’s actually more than one, which might come as a surprise to his girlfriend in Detroit. Should May subsequently have her visiting the house wielding a frying pan, I’m not responsible…

Her name is Sofia Tsagaraki. She’s 36 years old and is from Greece. She was born and bred in the Peloponnese region and comes from a very successful and rich family. They own an olive farm – and it’s from here that Sofia got her interest for nature and the environment. And also, it appears, a business idea that’s become a money spinner.

Their Spoon of Wisdom olive oil, which sells for €33 per 500ml, is the family’s main product and clearly aimed at the premium market. She seems quite the articulate woman – she works hard for the family firm, she looks after herself and she is quite a religious person.

Her social media feed on Instagram is a curious place, however. It’s mostly filled with pictures of her on the beach. Her cat features prominently too, as do pictures of nature – but surprisingly little about the family business.

So, where does Derrick May come into this? The two met several years ago whilst Sofia was living in the USA. She went back to Greece last year. Sources tell me that the relationship is friendly, if a little one-sided.

One told me “Sofia wants a baby, and she thinks Derrick is the man who will give her that baby. She’s besotted with him. I’ve got no idea what he thinks of her, though. On the rare occasions I’ve met them both, he keeps his cards close to his chest.”

However, a source close to Derrick May had a different take on matters, saying “I dunno where this stuff with Sofia is coming from. They met up a lot of times, and they definitely had chemistry. But I don’t think Derrick’s looking for anything long term with her. He’s 58. I don’t think he wants to be changing diapers on his 60th birthday”.

The source continued “To be honest, he was pretty rude about her. He used to boast the sex was great, but found her obsessive and called her a ‘trophy’ in front of his friends”.

My source confirmed this by showing me a series of text messages that originate from Derrick May’s phones, of which he has two. One is used for his friends, family and for what little business he has these days. The other is a phone used solely for communicating with whichever lady – or “bitches”, to use May’s preferred terminology – is in his life at the moment.

And they say romance is dead.

One cannot help but wonder what his current girlfriend in Detroit thinks about all this. Sadly, my enquiries have not yet established whether this is some kind of open arrangement, or whether Mr May is about to have an unwelcome confrontation with the “real girlfriend” after she reads this.

I shall no doubt be coming back to this one. And if May has one less testicle after any potential confrontations – well, I wouldn’t be able to write about it if you didn’t do it…