Who does the Night Time Industries Association represent – night life or themselves? And have a guess which old favourite of the blog is involved…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to announce later today whether England can remove the last set of restrictions in place next Monday. Judging by leaks to newspapers over the weekend and his comments at the G7 last Friday to ITV’s Robert Peston, the smart money says it won’t happen.

We shall find out later today exactly what the decision is, but that hasn’t stopped the Night Time Industries Association from going a bit crazy over the weekend – even before an announcement is made. A quick glance at their Twitter account reveals many posts and retweets about the contribution of the night time economy to Britain. Rightly so.

But who are the Night Time Industries Association, or NTIA for short? Their Who We Are section on the website tries to fob us off with guff about what they do, but nothing that answers their own question.

So, where do I go in these situations? My first port of call frequently is Companies House, and it nearly always delivers the answers. Just like it did this time. 11 officers are currently listed as being involved with the company. And seeing NTIA can’t be bothered to list them, I will…

Obi Peter Asika – A Nigerian entrepreneur with numerous businesses and ventures in the entertainment industry.

Sarah Clover – A solicitor who deals mostly with licensing and planning matters.

Michael David Allan Grieve – Associated with the Sub Club Limited in Glasgow, and a number of other companies dedicated to supporting the arts.

Michael Christopher Kill – The man in charge of the Night Time Industries Association.

Silvana Carmen Kill – Has over 20 years experience working in the entertainment industry  starting her career at Harper Collins in the late 1990s. Currently director of operations at the Night Time Industries Association.

Sacha John Edward Lord – Owner of the Parklife Festival and the Warehouse Project in Manchester. He’s previously sued the government for keeping hospitality in England closed when non-essential retail were allowed to reopen in April. Highly connected and uses the power of Twitter to push for reopening the economy.

William Hamilton Mauseth – Currently the company director at Brighton Music Conference.

Lisa Dawn Rose-Wyatt – The real name of Lisa Lashes, a DJ who made her name in the hard house scene. Her next gigs are scheduled for July, including one in Prestatyn, north Wales. Wales has not said when it plans to allow such events yet.

Julie Tippins – Her LinkedIn profile revealed she has worked in the hospitality trade in the past. Now works for DHP Family, an events company based in Nottingham.

Norris Edmund Windross – If you’ve ever been interested in UK Garage, you’ll know him as Norris “Da Boss” Windross. A quick search reveals he’s currently scheduled to do the UKG Big BBQ on June 26th, literally days after the original date of lockdown lifting.

There is no suggestion of any kind from me that any of the people named above have done anything wrong. Being passionate about the industry you work in is not a crime. However, when you see how much vested interest some have in seeing lockdown restrictions removed, it does lead to questions. As the Secret DJ said last night…

It’s hard to disagree…

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