And there’s us thinking you were broke! Boiler Room launch grants scheme with a £6000 prize for the winner – but could Mr Bellville explain who’s paying for it?

£791,652. That’s a lot of money. It would pay for 23 NHS nurses on an average salary of £33,384 a year. It would pay for 34 binmen on an average £22,990 a year. And on a different note, it would also allow a DJ to purchase roughly 553,600 records on Traxsource.

It’s also how much Arts Council England paid Boiler Room (UK) Limited last October when the company ran into very serious trouble. Questions have been asked as to how they were eligible, given they made a loss of over £1million as of December 2019. I wrote about this on my Facebook page last year and stuck it into the archive.

They’re now running a competition to apply for a grant. It’s all about “powering ideas in the broadcasting space” – and no, I’ve got no idea what that means either – with the winner being eligible for £6000. Lovely.

There’s just one question. Who’s paying this prize money? Has Boiler Room actually made some money of its own since last year, or are they still racking up losses? Blaise Bellville, the posh boy who founded and runs Boiler Room, has been contacted…