These days, interviews held by the press with DJs, artists and so forth are a very complicated affair. Agents ensure that only favourable questions are asked, and often place restrictions on what journalists are allowed to ask. And being a very supine lot, dance music journalist never think to question why.

Hence why the majority of interviews that you read these days are incredibly boring. And on the rare occasions a more, shall we say, challenging question appears, the response is usually to dodge the question entirely. But that’s not to say they had this entirely right in the past.

I follow an account on Twitter which tweets out pages from old issues of the defunct Muzik Magazine. And they recently published this one from the October 1999 issue. In it, Claire and Mike – who used to run the once notorious Manumission parties in Ibiza – were asked this…

Thank goodness these sorts of questions don’t appear in interviews anymore. The sexual proclivities of the dance music scene’s biggest names are not something I want to know about…

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By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.