As Paul Johnson’s stay at hospital with Covid-19 takes “a turn for the worse”, a source reveals just how much the outpouring of love and support means to the man himself

The dance music world continues to keep a close eye on Paul Johnson’s time in hospital with a particularly nasty case of Covid-19. On Monday, he posted a video from his hospital bed – and I regret to say that yesterday, things took a turn for the worse.

This is the latest video he posted. It’s not nice to see, but I get the impression that Johnson thinks the world needs to see what’s happening.

According to Johnson, the next step if his current treatment doesn’t work is invasive ventilation. More detailed explanations are available here, but essentially if Johnson ends up on what he calls a “full throat ventilator”, the machine effectively takes over breathing and allows the body to devote all its resources on fighting the virus.

A source emailed me yesterday to tell me he thinks Johnson “will be taking a lot of comfort from all these messages on social media. He doesn’t have a big family. He loves them a lot and they love him too, but the support also coming from his peers and his fans will mean so much. It’s just such a sad situation. I hope he pulls through and is back in good health soon.”.

A sentiment that I agree with wholeheartedly…