I love digging into the backgrounds of artists. For example, many were surprised by Low Steppa’s breakthrough some years ago – but he’d been around since at least 2004 to my knowledge. Or if you love Terrence Parker’s brand of piano house, you might be surprised to discover he’s been around since the early 1990s, if not earlier.

And believe it or not, but there was a time when Daft Punk hadn’t started putting records out like “Around The World”. So when I looked into their archive – and Discogs is a brilliant resource for doing this, by the way – I was amused to discover they have a couple of remixes in there. Not many, but a few very interesting ones.

For example, they remixed an early Chemical Brothers record called “Life Is Sweet” back in 1995 and the label was still persuaded to release it – despite the fact it contained no words from the singer at all. As for this particular remix of a Gabrielle song from 1996?

Weird and wonderful. I wish I could make something like that…

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One thought on “Before they became EDM superstars, what did Daft Punk do with their time? Why, they took Gabrielle and turned her song into… well, judge for yourself!”
  1. The ‘Life is Sweet’ remix is really good! Oscillates between a harder, driving groove and a more funky one.

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