Does this man have ANY redeeming features? Now Derrick May turns out to be a homophobe – and wait until you see the disgusting slur he used about Honey Dijon…

It’s no exaggeration to say this blog isn’t very kind about Derrick May. Which is hardly surprising given the many things exposed about him here. Incidentally, someone gave me the idea of doing a post which details briefly all the claims against him – it’s coming very soon!

In the meantime, Amateur’s House always tries to give a fair view on matters, presenting the other side of things if need be. In Derrick May’s case, however, this is irrelevant. Because no matter how much I dig, it simply transpires this man appears to have no redeeming features or qualities at all.

Homophobia can now be added to the already extensive charge sheet. A source contacted me over the weekend to say he was spending time with his gay friend recently, and May kept referring to the aforementioned friend as a “fag”.

One can only wonder whether Derrick May revealed his noxious brand of homophobia to Frankie Knuckles back in the 1980s. He sold him a Roland TR-909 for the unconfirmed sum of $1000 – which May himself had stolen from Juan Atkins to pay his rent.

The same source also revealed some equally unenlightened views on the transgender community. Word is that May really took issue with a cover for Gayletter lately – because Honey Dijon was on it. The rather NSFW photo can be found here. May’s response to the photo? According to my source “he was disgusted. He called her ‘a f***ing tranny’ and ‘a bad influence on children’.”. Other sources confirm he has used this offensive term many times before.

1985 called, Derrick. Says it wants its hideously unreformed views back…