Now that nightclubs are reopening in various parts of the world again – and closing in others, but I digress – one rather ugly tradition has returned to the dance music scene. And that practice is essentially being two-faced.

You know the sort – telling people to their faces that they’re brilliant and deserve to go far whilst behind their backs, you’re conspiring and actively working to thwart them. They exist in many areas of life, but especially in the music world.

It’s an ugly practice as old as dance music itself. Yet no one has ever thought to do anything about it. You won’t hear about it in the likes of Mixmag, not least because some of those DJs who do these things might get upset and then refuse to grant them an exclusive interview.

However, this isn’t something that bothers me. I’m not a DJ. I’m not looking to get onto the latest hot label. I’m not looking for gigs. They have nothing to offer me, and nothing they can take off me.

Here’s an example of my own. Just under four years ago, I remixed a song for a now inactive label. They put out some records with a female singer and I was interested in working with her. Now, I like to do my research before I work with someone – a bit like getting references in a job – so I contacted the label boss. The gist of what he told me was  “I discovered her, and you don’t get to work with her”.

Oh, and if the label boss in question is reading this and decides to out himself, I still have the exchange in question. I’m more than comfortable posting it if you try anything.

Anyway, the strapline of Amateur’s House is “writing about stuff in dance music that others won’t”. So just remember – if you’re having trouble with someone like this, feel free to get in touch with me about it. You can email me here – or over at ProtonMail if you fancy that extra little layer of privacy.  If I get enough information on a particular person, guess what? I’ll be more than happy to tell the world just how they conduct themselves.

Those who conduct themselves honestly have nothing to fear. Those who don’t, you just might… 

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.