On the week that a Russian man decided to rob a sex shop but ended up getting beaten up with a dildo instead – to think some people would pay someone to do that, eh? – I go through the records that’ll give you more of the pleasure and less of the, ahem, bashing…

Wez Whynt Feat. Earl W. Green, Jason Nicholson Porter & Nickson – You Will Know (Raising)
This is one of the things about house music that I’ve always loved. Tastes vary around the world, and even within countries. That’s why commissioning remixes from artists in different parts of the world can bear interesting results. Raising obviously understand this – Mikki Funk delivers a track with lots of groove and swing from the streets of London, whereas SoulLab take the influences of Pretoria to make a remix that’s very different but no less enjoyable. My advice? Get both!

David Penn Feat. Sheylah Cuffy – Scream 4 Love (Groove Culture)
There was a time when I loved jazzy house records like this one. I was a fan of the musicality they brought with them, but I went off them at some stage. They all started sounding a bit samey for me. Then I heard this. Micky More & Andy Tee, I take a bow to you. One of the most soulful pieces of house music that I’ve heard in years. A true joy to listen to.

Lem Springsteen Feat. Vocalz by Jamelle – Falling (Good Vibrations)
If you think the name Lem Springsteen is familiar, that’s because it is. He was one half of Mood II Swing in the 1990s, so he’s been around for a while. This is another one of those feel good, effortlessly soulful tunes doing the rounds at the moment – after the time everyone’s had lately, it’s not surprising. Not lots going on here, but when you place everything in the right place in the way Springsteen can, this works great. Fantastic vocals too.

Ibanez Feat. Lisa Cork-Twiss – LetMeBe (Grin Music)
Demarkus Lewis must never sleep. This is the only conclusion I can reasonably come to, given his prolific work rate – one that got even more frenetic during the pandemic. He turns up here with yet another remix on his own label – and I think one of his best in a long time. Bear in mind this is coming from someone who loves almost everything that Lewis puts out…

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