After Mixmag suspended the print edition in April 2020, they said it would return this year – so why have they still not hired any staff to work on the paper version?

When the pandemic hit last year, Mixmag made the decision to suspend publication of their print magazine. The news was announced by the editor at the time – and at the end of June, a further announcement was made that the magazine would not appear again until 2021.

Less publicised at the time was most of their staff being made redundant after the magazine was effectively placed on hiatus. And a few of those who were kept on furlough – such as editor Duncan Dick, have now left the company altogether.

Which poses an interesting question. If Wasted Talent are serious about what used to be their flagship product, where are all the staff who they’ll need for it? Who’s going to write articles for it, who’s going to design the pages, who’s going to edit it? They can’t bring the magazine back if there’s no one there to do the job.

DJ Mag also suspended publication in March. However, they were back in business by August. Why is Mixmag taking so long to get its arse in gear over this? All recent recruitments have been in the digital division – Megan Townsend is a recent addition to the sector, for example.

A source close to several dance music press outlets tells me he’s heard nothing about the magazine for a while, but does mention the digital divisions of several magazines are currently worried about Resident Advisor’s new editor Whitney Wei, citing her successful record at previous employer Telecom Electronic Beats.

Well, I can’t for the life of me understand why. Wei has so far done next to nothing to make her mark – indeed, aside from the notable increase in stories originating from Wei’s native Berlin, anyone would be hard pressed to find a reinvigorated publication.

So, where is the magazine? Seeing that one or two current staff at Mixmag do read this blog, perhaps they could enlighten us?