There’s a disturbing number of anti-vaxxers in the dance music world. I used to wonder why music journalists never bothered asking DJs, producers and such about their personal views on things – the reason appears to be a sizeable number have heads filled with nothing but mush.

Danny Rampling’s views on the Covid pandemic have been well-documented on this blog. I’ve even had a few complaints from people saying I’m making him look like a fool. And as I keep saying, the only person making Danny Rampling look like a fool is Danny Rampling himself.

Well, meet Osunlade. You might already be familiar with the name – he makes some decent music. Unfortunately, his views are anything but. Take a look at this video below – and just in case it gets taken down, I have screenshots ready to go…

The allegations in the video would be terribly damning – if they were true. Which, of course, they are not. These scenes were taken from a protest in Australia against lockdown restrictions in the country. The scenes above do not depict anyone being forcibly vaccinated in any way.

On the plus side, I’ve finally managed to find someone who’s got even fewer brain cells than you, Mr Rampling…

Update: Osunlade himself has responded to this article by sending out this tweet.

I note he makes no comment on the allegation he is lying to his social media followers.

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