Well, isn’t this awkward? Derrick May’s name is mysteriously taken off an updated flyer for Shelter’s 30th birthday party – but no one seems to have told the man himself…

Things are never as they seem in the world of Derrick May. I noticed this a long time ago – even if you think you have all the facts, you probably don’t. Which is precisely why I’ve held back writing about this one, even though I first became aware of a change on Tuesday.

I first wrote about Club Shelter’s upcoming 30th birthday party last weekend. I queried what on earth May was doing on the list, seeing he’s never performed at Shelter before. Well, they’ve published this updated flyer now on their official Instagram page – and I present both the old and new ones here. Notice the difference?

Derrick May is nowhere to be seen on the second. So, has his appearance been cancelled? No one seems to know. My enquiries to Shelter are going unanswered, and they don’t seem to be talking to anyone else on the subject either.

And this gets weirder, even by Derrick May standards. According to several of my sources in Detroit who have been in touch this week, May hasn’t had any call or message to tell him his appearance is no longer happening – and he may not even be aware of his name being taken off the flyer. As one source eloquently put it, “he moans like a b**** for weeks when these things happen”.

So either May is still appearing and they’ll try and pretend he’s an unannounced guest – or he isn’t appearing and no one’s bothered to tell the guy himself. Either way, Club Shelter doesn’t come out of this looking good, does it?