Danny Tenaglia appears to have been getting lessons on social media usage from DJ Sneak. Recently, the self-proclaimed house gangster claimed Mixmasters was “a scam”. After they called him out and pointed out he did an interview for them two years ago, did he apologise and withdraw his damaging allegation?

Of course he didn’t. The post remains on his Facebook page now, with no admission that he got it entirely wrong. And Danny Tenaglia appears to be following a similar strategy against Mike Vale and Glasgow Underground – omitting the fact he receives publishing for the cover and refusing to engage with any of the comments.

Mike Vale has not responded to the post in any manner – and although his cover of “Music Is The Answer” is indeed hideous, I don’t blame him for not getting into a public spat. But I received an email from a friend of his yesterday, complaining about my coverage of the story.

As is policy on these matters, unless your complaint is about facts in the article, don’t waste your time writing in. Although he did give me a little insight into what Vale is thinking at the moment – and to quote from the email, “you can put all this on your f***ing blog, I don’t care – just don’t put my name on it”.

Fair enough. He said “Miha [his real name is Miha Vale Deticek] thinks it’s degrading that a legend like Danny Tenaglia has started throwing s*** around like this. If he’s got a problem, he should have talked to the label instead of attacking Miha on a public place like Facebook. The messages he’s getting are pretty disgusting. It’s pathetic, really”.

And he’s not entirely wrong, is he?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.