On the week that an Australian pub thought it would be a good idea to serve a Guinness pie inside a Guinness pint glass, I review the records that turned out to be more in the category of actually good ideas – less in the category of seeming a good idea at the time…

David Morales & Mr V – Everyday Of My Life (DIRIDIM)
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. When David Morales comes along and asks you to remix one of his songs, you don’t need to do loads of different ones – but DJ Spen and Reelsoul did four anyway. Frankly, one would have done. The main mix is perfectly enjoyable and the other mixes offer virtually nothing different.

Darren Studholme & Phie Claire – Say It (Veksler)
I’m impressed that Mr Studholme managed to restrain himself by only including one version of this. Just as well because it’s a very good one. His hit-making partnership with Phie Claire continues – why change what works, eh?

Paul Johnson – Harmonica Love (House 4 Life)
Now this is a curious one. This could be the first of a huge trove of unreleased material by Paul Johnson, who died a few weeks ago. The main mix is all about someone playing the harmonica to a beat and bassline. It’s pretty straightforward. As for the dub? If you just want to hear the words “Paul” and “Johnson” over and over again over a drum beat, this is for you. It’s hard to tell whether this would be a good DJ tool or just irritating…

Yooks & True2Life Feat. Andy Hague – The Story Of Jazz (Infinity Music)
Everyone seems to be having a go at jazz at the moment, aren’t they? Well, these two should keep doing it. This is a fun little number. I’m not sure exactly why two mixes are needed, because they both sound the same to me. Regardless, enjoy.

Kerri Chandler Feat. Rev F. L. Brown – Prayer (Kaoz Theory)
No, I didn’t expect to be reviewing a record which featured a reverend on it this weekend either. But here we are. This is excellent, but that’s hardly surprising with Mr Chandler on board. For my personal tastes, my favourite versions are the vocal mix and the Media mix.

By The Editor

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