It’s been a few weeks since the blog checked in on whatever madness Danny Rampling is up to. So I thought that, on this Sunday, I’d have another look. And even I was surprised by this particular revelation – seeing he spends an inordinate amount of time banging on about protecting children from the vaccine.

It appears that Rampling’s 17 year old son has decided he’s going to get vaccinated. Claudio, born in 2004 and named after the now deceased Italian DJ Claudio Coccoluto, can’t be persuaded by his anti-vaxxer father not to have it.

Speaking on the subject, Rampling – that would be the older and less wise one – says “I’ve urged him please wait as the injection is still in trials until 2023 he’s been brainwashed duped… Trying to understand his reality, friends family, indoctrination school pressures persuasion peer group acceptance… I feel deflated with his intentions, sick to the stomach. Mass mind control hypnosis at work.”.

At the time of publishing, it remains unclear whether Claudio Rampling has had his first jab. And since I’m on the subject, time for a pertinent question. Is Danny Rampling completely incapable of applying logic to anything?

I only ask the question because of his bizarre claim, later in the same post, that 1500 people in England have died after having the jab and 5000 in Scotland. Even if this were true – and it isn’t – some 56million live in England, and roughly 5.5million in Scotland. Yet Scotland’s death rate is over three times higher with a tenth of the population?

Try to engage the brain before writing for once, Danny…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.