An admission first of all. I do receive emails from PR companies and other representatives of clubs, festivals and such from time to time. Most of them are ignored due to the fact I think what they’re promoting is rubbish. I only keep an eye on them because occasionally, just occasionally, there’s something good in there.

And this one caught my eye. The Boogaloo Weekender is taking place on October 15th to the 18th at Pontins, down at Camber Sands on England’s south coast. It’s not just the fact they’ve got a decent lineup of DJs – the likes of Colin Dale, David Morales, Fabio & Grooverider, Graeme Park, Jumpin Jack Frost, Michael Gray and Terry Farley all appear on the bill.

No, it’s also the history angle. A topic they’re going to explore is the early days of clubbing, a subject on which little has been written about. Everyone was so busy enjoying it that no one had an opportunity to write most of it up. And many of the people who were there at the time to witness it will be present.

And even better, the discussion panels are due to be headed by Mike and Claire Manumission. I wonder who’ll be the first person to work up the courage to ask about their role in clubbing history – they were involved in a certain type of party, let’s put it that way…

The inside art gallery will transport you back in time with the people, art, design, technology and photography that have shaped the electronic music landscape. There will also be a screening of an Acid House documentary that dives into the second summer of love and tells its story from the inside. 

There will be exhibitions, galleries and discussion panels, a VIP hip hop party with Prime Cuts (Scratch Perverts) and Mental Genius,  b-boy dance offs, fancy dress, a rave flyer gallery, DJ workshop including scratching lessons and mixing tutorials, a Graffiti School, Bingo Loco, a vintage campsite with all sorts of old school fun and games and much more. 

An art gallery exploring what’s shaped dance music over the years? Check. A documentary exploring the notorious second summer of love in 1988? Check. A hip-hop party with the Scratch Perverts? A rave flyer gallery? Bingo? All here, and yes, that includes the bingo.

Nearly all festival lineups leave me feeling indifferent – being perfectly blunt, I feel a lot of names are often there because of social media clout or because they look the part rather than being any good. But in the case of the Boogaloo Weekender, I can’t find a single name which raises an eyebrow for the wrong reasons. I like what I see.

It takes place over four days at a holiday park. I used to work at one myself – Hafan y Môr in North Wales – many years ago and think they’re perfect for these kinds of events. Infact, I honestly don’t understand why no one has thought to do this before. DJs need work, holiday parks need holidaymakers, people need places to stay that are nearby and safe. It’s a complete no-brainer, isn’t it?

Their website’s here, tickets are here – and rest assured if I was younger, didn’t have three kids to look after and a plane to catch to get there, I’d be going…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.