I made emphatically clear in the past few days that I will continue to cover things that go on inside the dance music press. Whilst I accepted a recent post on Resident Advisor’s editor was in poor taste, I make absolutely no apologies for holding the website – and others – to account.

So with that in mind, let’s get to the subject at hand. Now, this blog runs a weekly column called The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!). Its premise is simple – I review my favourite new releases a week. There’s aren’t always six releases featured and I don’t include anything which I was involved with.

Resident Advisor appear to think differently. What else could explain the decision to review the new EP by the blog-blocking Ash Lauryn? And naturally enough, the review is absolutely glowing, referencing her “clarity of purpose”. And yes, the review does point out she’s an occasional contributor to their website – but this doesn’t stop me believing it to be a conflict of interest.

In a way, it’s a pity that she’s blocked this blog from her life – because having listened to the EP, I actually think it’s pretty good. “Life Is Back”, the lead track, is probably my favourite of the bunch. Listen yourself and make your own minds up

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.