Last week, whilst everyone rowed over comments by Eric Prydz that techno was one thing until 2005 and then became something else, some people took a peek at the rest of his social media feeds. And they contain an awful lot of pictures of Prydz himself lounging in business class on long-haul flights.

Now, this blog has no problem with anyone getting a bit of enjoyment out of their money. Regardless of any debates, Prydz has done well for himself, so the fact he likes travelling in style doesn’t particularly bother me. But here’s where things get curious.

Prydz has a well-known fear of flying. He hates it, pure and simple. This meant in the earlier years of his career, it was extremely rare to see him performing outside Europe. The way he manages this now is to organise tours in such a way he has to take as few as possible.

However, when he does fly, he does it in style – paying that extra bit to get into business class. This solution reduces the number of flights he has to take and probably still saves him money even when those little extras are taken into account. The polar bears can continue living, and Prydz saves time and money. Just as well he’s saving money, I suppose…

Prydz knows nothing about lots of things. Techno music being one, letting granny die of Covid-19 being another. Remember this Twitter exchange?

But on this subject, Prydz is onto something. Perhaps there’s a solution here for DJs like Richy Ahmed, Louie Vega and Derrick Carter. Fewer flights, more money in their pockets and no need whatsoever to give up any luxuries!

Thank me later. Perhaps Eric could create another track from a well-trodden sample and get lots of girls to shake their arses to it to celebrate…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.