Which DJ is keen to make sure that no one finds out about his homophobia? Acutely aware that a revelation he doesn’t like gay people will potentially destroy his career in a scene which was ultimately founded by gay people, he’s gone to his solicitors to stop the truth from coming out.

The story goes that the DJ in question was asked whether he’d do a set at a Pride event due to take place next year. He was going to be offered a sizeable amount of money to do it as well. Normally, he relays his answers via his manager – but not this time. He phoned the organisers directly and declined the offer, using a number of homophobic slurs to do so.

The phone call was recorded – as is standard practice at this particular organisation – and has been heard by Amateur’s House. Since then, the Pride event in question has received a long letter from his solicitors demanding they remain quiet about what has happened – otherwise “our client reserves the right to seek legal remedy”.

Crucially, the legal letter fails to deny the allegations made against him at any stage. Now why would that be, eh?