Just over two weeks ago now, this blog published an article about how Toolroom boss Mark Knight agreed to remix “Believe” by Ministers De La Funk and Jocelyn Brown after getting a personal phone call from “my friend” Erick Morillo, as he called him.

Regular readers will no doubt be aware that Morillo went to his grave last year with a cloud of suspicion over him – he was facing a rape charge at the time. Of course, that didn’t stop many of his DJ friends from paying him the most fawning, gushing tributes, many of which tried to downplay the allegations made against him.

To this day, Simon Dunmore and Jamie Jones remain amongst the very few DJs who accepted they got it wrong in their initial tributes. Many, such as those from Pete Tong and Danny Tenaglia, remain online to this day.

Anyway, there was a bit of a hoo-hah after Knight posted about it on his Instagram page…

After arguments flared up in the comments, including one between Toolroom stalwart and Morillo defender Harry Romero, Knight decided to delete the post – but not before I came along and screenshotted it for posterity. He replaced it with a slightly more conciliatory post, but also one which completely failed to explain the reasons why people were annoyed with Knight in the first place. And tellingly, Knight switched the comments off.

He said, quite notably, he was “proud of my remix”. This is highly questionable, for two reasons. One, it’s not really a remix. It’s more the original with his drums on top and a slightly changed arrangement. And two, it hasn’t been promoted anywhere else since. Knight has not made a single reference to the remix he claims he’s so “proud” of.

This is a very strange definition of the word “proud” you’re using there, Mark. Perhaps you’d like me to send you a dictionary?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.