Sterling Void is getting married. If you’ve read this blog – and its predecessor in the form of my old Facebook page – this sentence might not be much of a surprise. Sterling, whose real name is Duane Pelt, has a bit of a habit of falling very much in love with the ladies of his life and forever seems keen to make an honest lady of them all…

Anyway, cast your mind back to pre-pandemic days. In January 2020, he contacted me and promised me an interview. Whilst that interview never materialised – most of his promises didn’t – he did reveal a few things. He was planning on getting out of the music business and sorting himself out. Void even briefly mentioned the prospect of moving to another part of the USA entirely, having lived in Chicago through his whole life.

Well, it appears he’s now doing precisely that. According to the man himself, he’s now engaged to a woman called Roshunda – as she’s not in the public eye, I shan’t be publishing her second name. A source confirmed to me the two have known each other for many years, and both are originally from Chicago. Indeed, I understand they briefly dated when both were, shall we say, in their younger years.

He also confirms that he’s no longer living in Chicago. No, he’s now in Kansas and promises “more info” is “soon to follow” on their forthcoming marriage. She’s currently joking to friends online that “this time it’s gonna be the last time lol”.

If this is Pelt turning his life around, I honestly wish him nothing but the best. But there’s just one delicate little matter I ought to raise. Whilst Pelt has updated his Facebook relationship status to “Engaged”, his now fiancée’s remains on “Single”. Might want to get that updated pronto…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.