Last night, this blog reported on the cop-out policy that YouTube has pursued over disgraced, convicted trafficker Robert Sylvester Kelly. You’re welcome to read it here if you missed it – as if you would! – but the gist of it is official channels are gone, whilst unofficial uploads aren’t.

There must be something strange in the water this week – and it’s still only Thursday. During the Facebook outage on Monday, it appears that singer, producer DJ and all-round businessman Mr V made a decision. V, whose real name is Victor Font, had made his mind up – he was leaving Facebook.

Now, by leaving Facebook and “stopping using that platform immediately”, I personally take this to mean he will stop using all of Facebook’s websites – which aside from Facebook itself, include Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Font, curiously, appears to think otherwise.

For example, he reveals in an exchange with fellow producer Steve Bug that he’ll continue to use Instagram for “photos of upcoming things”. And a quick look on his personal Facebook page reveals this public post…

Which gives it all away really, doesn’t it? Font isn’t giving up on Facebook at all – he’s just going to post a lot less personal information on it. And whilst there’s something to be said for not doing quizzes that tell Mark Zuckerberg what flavour of crisp you are, this cop-out just means the algorithm is going to punish him.

You might as well leave entirely, Victor…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.