Rumours persist disgraced DJ Derrick May wants to rekindle relationship with the woman he less than affectionately calls “my passport” – but will she show up at his Geneva gig tonight?

It’s been a busy old day behind the scenes. After the revelation yesterday that Derrick May has a gig on tonight at Weetamix in Geneva, the club has been doing its utmost to ignore the inevitable onslaught of criticism which comes with booking a man accused of rape and sexual assault by numerous women.

Quite what May thinks of the online furore is unknown. However, the disgraced DJ might, in fact, have another reason for wanting to travel to Geneva which isn’t work related. And it’s not just, as Michael James reports today, because he wants to replenish his much-depleted bank account – true as that unquestionably is.

No, it appears he’s been thinking about making up with ex-girlfriend Sofia – whom he fell out with a while ago. A source in Detroit tells me “He’s starting to think he was a bit hasty when things ended. He really seemed quite keen to get them talking again, so Derrick left her a message. I don’t know if she ever replied.”.

Sofia’s silence about her whereabouts today on her usually very prolific Instagram account has not gone unnoticed. We shall find out soon enough whether things are back on for the woman he used to call “my passport”