Derrick May’s bookings aren’t quite as glamorous as they used to be nowadays. Gone are the lucrative trips with hospitality included in the likes of Japan – and in are gigs which he would have turned his nose up at just a year ago. It’s amazing what he’ll do to pay for his next fix of cigars…

This time around, he’s due to appear at Baixa Bar in Portugal. They seem to be unaware of the perils of booking May these days and are already promoting his forthcoming appearance for December 7th. Yes, it’s a Tuesday night appearance at a cocktail bar for Derrick May – oh, how the mighty have fallen!

My research has confirmed this booking was originally made for New Year’s Eve 2020, but was cancelled due to Portuguese lockdown restrictions. This left the club with a dilemma – honour the original booking by giving him a new date, or try and find a way to wriggle out of the contract. They appear to have gone for the former option.

It appears he’s got the whole night to himself. Perhaps that’s just as well. Word reaches me all the way from San Francisco that Solomun was not best pleased to discover that Derrick May was the “secret guest” at First On The Floor over the weekend. A witness tells me Solomun couldn’t wait to get away from May soon enough.

Hence why there are no selfies of the two men together. Plague raves were acceptable for Solomun, being photographed with Derrick May seems not to be…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.