Germany is a country known worldwide for being logical, efficient and sensible. They’re a pragmatic people who we could learn much from – but unfortunately, the German state is currently an entirely different story. Covid cases are rocketing in the country and their leader is losing the plot in her final days in power.

Earlier this week, she announced she wanted individuals not vaccinated against Covid-19 to be effectively banned from taking part in huge swathes of public life. It’s dependent on a vote in parliament, but with her successor firmly backing the proposals, it seems fairly likely to pass.

This is not a policy I agree with in any way. We’ve never done this with other vaccines, and I see no good reason for doing so here. The Covid vaccine does a lot of work, but it doesn’t stop transmission.

And remember this is a very pro-vax blog. Vaccinations have saved millions of lives over the years and eliminated horrific diseases such as smallpox – which killed around 30% of those who caught it and left numerous others blind or dealing with long-term injuries or scars. But I still consider such policies to be violative.

The authorities in Berlin have now confirmed some changes. Nightclubs in the city remain open due to a legal challenge to a policy where they must close when Covid rates increase above 350 per 100,000 – but from next Wednesday, dancing in nightclubs is banned. Which results in some curious oddities, doesn’t it?

For example, if you’re somehow able to get inside Berghain, you can’t dance to the music but you can go to the other part of the building for, ahem, activities of a horizontal nature. Elsewhere, you can go into a nightclub and have a drink – but don’t even think of having a boogie!

And why does the policy come into force on Wednesday rather than immediately? Has coronavirus sent a message to Angela Merkel saying it’ll stay away from nightclubs for a few more days? This makes literally no sense whatsoever.

If Germany could please regain the sense which they normally possess in bundles, that would be great. Sooner the better…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.